Life Is Fair

Generally, people say life is not fair but life is always fair we are the one who thinks life is not fair because we humans want everything in life but life don’t give everything it gives what fair is.


Generally, people or motivational speaker say if you want to be successful in life run away from negative people run as fast as you can like Forrest Gump but I feel if you are really a positive person you can infulence the negative person to become a positive person by staying close to them.

About Me

I am just a person who has lots of things in mind and has many flaws one of them is I am not very good at English which I know you can see. So this blog is gonna be about how I feel towards things, about life, about music, about people, about morals, about diseases, about society. In brief, I can say that whatever is gonna come in my mind I am gonna write I am not gonna care about, how people are gonna look at me. If I am not gonna like things I am gonna say it and if this makes me negative person so I am negative because I don’t know how to be someone I am not and one more thing I am gonna write all these things because I have cheap internet at very good speed, As I said I am gonna say what I really feel is.

and one more thing if you read my story or post please comment on how you feel because I am want to make this place, a place where everyone can say what they feel.